Reiley Broms

Reiley Broms is a Clinical Research Assistant at the Center for Pediatric Clinical Effectiveness (CPCE) at CHOP. She is presently within the division of urology on several research studies, primarily involving machine learning.

Reiley works on one study that applies machine learning to help classify children with spina bifida at the greatest risk for developing chronic kidney disease. This helps to better identify children most likely to benefit from early treatment. Another study involves using machine learning to identify infants with antenatal hydronephrosis who may benefit from early surgical intervention. Using machine learning in these two studies aids in sparing low-risk patients from invasive treatments and tests that expose children to radiation.

Reiley received her bachelor's degree in Biobehavioral Health with minors in biology and deafness and hearing studies from Pennsylvania State University.

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Clinical Research Assistant


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