Research Into Practice
Research Into Practice: Clinical Research Resources

research into practice guides CPCE

An important element of CPCE's mission is the dissemination of research findings and recommendations as clinical research resources to translate our research into practice. Clinicians, healthcare administrators, health insurers, policymakers, and patient families are important stakeholders for these resources. Through the implementation of evidence-based practices and guidelines, we work to improve the high value care delivered to children in the CHOP Network and across the nation.

An example of our clinical research resources are clinical pathways. CPCE leadership engages with CHOP’s Office for Clinical Quality Improvement to lead the development of clinical pathways, which are task-oriented care plans detailing essential steps in the care of patients with specific conditions. Clinical pathways, which have been developed for dozens of conditions, translate evidence into practice and bring clinical decision support to the care team. The goals of these types of resources at CHOP are to decrease unnecessary variations in care, improve patient outcomes, and reduce cost while maximizing resources and limiting waste. CPCE researchers collaborate with researchers and clinicians across the country to aid similar implementation activities nationwide.

CPCE also uses a variety of mechanisms to communicate research into practice, such as publications in scientific journals, interviews with print and broadcast media, blogs such as Cornerstone, social media outlets Facebook and Twitter, and maintaining a dynamic website to keep our stakeholders abreast of the latest science pertaining to pediatric clinical effectiveness.