The Possibilities Project

The mission of The Possibilities Project (TPP) is to reimagine and reengineer the way we deliver primary care in the CHOP Care Network through innovation. Through innovative pilots and rigorous evaluation, TPP seeks to design a system that delivers care directed towards the needs of contemporary families and the issues they face.

TPP functions as an innovation incubator at CHOP, where ideas are processed, tested, and evaluated thoroughly before they are either discarded, put on hold, tested on a larger scale, or transitioned into operations. TPP is co-led led by Clinical Futures Director Alex Fiks, MD, MSCE and Dr. Lisa Biggs, MD, Associate Chief Medical Officer of the CHOP Primary Care Network. The multi-disciplinary team includes physicians, data analysts, Epic analysts, research coordinators/assistants, and other collaborators.

Examples of TPP innovations include: a virtual driving simulator that provides teens with actionable steps for safer driving, a system for reducing administrative burdens on providers during patient visits, and virtual follow-up appointments to increase efficiency and convenience.

Learn more at the TPP program page on the CHOP website.