Antimicrobial-associated Acute Kidney Injury Research
Antimicrobial-associated Acute Kidney Injury Research

Antimicrobial-associated Acute Kidney Injury Research | CPCE

Acute kidney injury (AKI) is a serious and under-recognized side effect of antimicrobial therapies that can prolong hospitalization, lead to development of chronic kidney disease, and increase in-hospital mortality.  CPCE researchers are investigating the pharmacoepidemiology and clinical pharmacology of nephrotoxic antimicrobials in children. We are looking at the role(s) of novel kidney biomarkers during antimicrobial therapy as means to promote early detection of AKI and improve estimation of patients’ kidney function.

This body of research seeks to improve the safety and effectiveness of antimicrobials in children by identifying risk factors for AKI in children receiving antimicrobial therapies. Utilizing research methodologies from epidemiology and clinical pharmacology, we look at the impact of dosing, antibiotic combinations, and patients’ underlying characteristics to determine the best drugs for individual patients.

Results of a recent study found that urinary biomarkers can be used to improve estimation of antibiotic drug clearance in children. A recently accepted abstract reports that vancomycin and piperacillin-tazobactam may increase the risk of AKI in children when used in combination. 

What’s Next: Work is underway to compare the ability of a novel kidney biomarker, cystatin C, to estimate vancomycin clearance in critically ill children compared to serum creatinine, the biomarker currently used in clinical practice.

Funding: The Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia

Please contact Kevin Downes, MD, attending physician and assistant professor of pediatrics, for more information about this line of research.

Antimicrobial-associated Acute Kidney Injury Published Research

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