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Health Systems Implementation Initiative
CHOP selected to participate in new program to disseminate and implement cutting-edge medical evidence

We are pleased to announce that the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia (CHOP) has been selected to participate in the Health Systems Implementation Initiative (HSII), a new funding opportunity developed by the Patient-Centered Outcomes Research Institute (PCORI) to promote the uptake of useful research results in practice. Read PCORI’s full announcement here. At CHOP, this work will be led by Clinical Futures, a CHOP Research Institute Center of Emphasis, in partnership with the Center for Healthcare Quality and Analytics (CHQA).

Through this new funding initiative, HSII, PCORI will provide funding to 42 participating healthcare delivery systems (HSII Participants). These projects aim to promote the uptake of specific PCORI-funded evidence in practice. PCORI’s Board of Governors has committed up to $50 million to support implementation under HSII. HSII is intended to facilitate lasting change within participating systems and lay groundwork for broader adoption of evidence-based practices.

“A main focus of Clinical Futures is in translating the best medical evidence into practice. The PCORI Health Systems Implementation Initiative will provide support to realize this goal for the benefit of patients and families,” said Alexander Fiks, MD, MSCE, Director of Clinical Futures and Project Lead for CHOP’s participation in HSII. “This new initiative builds on prior successes we have achieved with PCORI funding in the area of antimicrobial stewardship, as well as ongoing work in the treatment of kidney stones and rheumatologic conditions in pediatric patients.”

Clinical Futures investigators utilize innovative methods, approaches, research designs, statistical tools, and analytical models to conduct prospective and retrospective clinical effectiveness research. Our work focuses on six methodological pillars — biostatistics, clinical epidemiology, clinical trials, comparative effectiveness, implementation science, and social science methods in healthcare delivery — to guide investigators to develop effective, evidence-based findings that translate into improved clinical care and outcomes for children.

The mission of the Center for Healthcare Quality and Analytics (CHQA) is to deliver high-quality care (safe, effective, efficient, patient-centered) while promoting responsible stewardship of CHOP resources and staff engagement. Within CHQA, the Center of Health Equity provides expertise to ensure that all patients have the opportunity to receive high-quality care by providing consultative support for health equity-focused quality improvement initiatives and fostering a culture of health equity across the quality improvement continuum.

“Through CHOP’s participation in HSII, we have the potential to influence significant practice change across the healthcare delivery system, which provides primary care service to more than 300,000 patients, specialty services to more than 280,000 patients, emergency care services to more than 78,000 patients, and inpatient services to more than 21,000 patients,” added Louis M. Bell, MD, Associate Chair for Clinical Activities and HSII Project Co-Lead.

Institutions selected to participate in HSII will enter into a Master Funding Agreement with PCORI. HSII Participants will then have the opportunity to propose capacity building projects and, later in 2023, implementation projects designed to promote the uptake of specific PCORI-funded evidence. Read more about the Patient-Centered Outcomes Research Institute (PCORI) and the Health Systems Implementation Initiative (HSII) here.