Arzu Cetin, MS

Arzu Cetin is a Clinical Research Coordinator at Clinical Futures at the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia. She works on multiple projects aimed to improve families’ experiences in the CICU. Much of this research focuses on parent-provider communication, interprofessional communication and teamwork. 

Arzu worked as a counselor for adolescents with learning disabilities and autism. She has experience in psychometric assessments and data analyses. She received her Master of Science in Psychology from the University of Hildesheim, Germany. In her Master thesis, she explored the influence of personality on social conformity. 

Arzu received her B.S. in Psychology with a focus on Educational Psychology at the University of Hildesheim, Germany. During her Bachelor’s, she worked as a Research Assistant for the department of Social Psychology at her university, focusing on projects studying accountability. She wrote her Bachelor thesis on the effect of process and outcome accountability on loss aversion. 

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