Aaron J. Masino, PhD

Dr. Masino joined the Department of Biomedical and Health Informatics (DBHi) at Children's Hospital of Philadelphia in 2011. His research interests lie at the intersection of mathematical modeling, machine learning, and translational research. 

Along with the members of his laboratory, Dr. Masino conducts research on the application and development of machine learning methods to inform basic scientific discovery and the creation of predictive analytic models for personal health and clinical decision support.

His work at DBHi includes development of an automated phenotype-based gene prioritization algorithm and creation of an electronic honest broker system that enables longitudinal bio-specimen and case report data collection and secure protected health information.

Dr. Masino's most recent research includes machine learning model development for sepsis prediction, utilization of wearable device data to recognize stress in individuals with autism, natural language processing applications for information extraction from clinical text, and deep learning methods to detect latent concepts in electronic health record data.

Core Faculty