Systematic literature review on the economic, humanistic, and societal burden of heart failure in children and adolescents.

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2019 Feb 12

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<p><strong>INTRODUCTION: </strong>Unlike the adult heart failure (HF) patient population, there is scarce of information on the overall burden of HF in the pediatric population across geographies and within different age groups. Areas covered: A systematic review aims to describe and quantify the economic, humanistic, and societal burden of pediatric (age &lt;18 years) HF on patients and caregivers. Eighteen published studies over a period of 10-years (Jan 1 2006- May 20 2016) were identified through Embase, Medline, Cochrane Library and selected congresses. Studies from the US reported higher HF-related hospitalization-rates in infants aged &lt;1 year (49.3%-63.9%) versus children aged 1-12 years (18.7%-30.9%) in HF diagnosed patients. Across the studies, average length of hospital-stay was 15 days, increasing to 26 days for infants. Average annual hospital charges were higher for infants (US$176,000) versus children aged 1-10 years (US$132,000) in the US. In Germany, diagnosis-related group (DRG)-based hospital-allowances per HF-case increased from €3,498 in 1995 to €4,250 in 2009. Expert opinion: To our knowledge, this is the first systematic review, which provides valuable insights into burden of HF in children and adolescents, and strengthens current knowledge of pediatric HF. However, there is a need for larger population based studies with wider geographical coverage.</p>



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Expert Rev Pharmacoecon Outcomes Res




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