Providing Expert Pediatric Teleradiology Services Around the Globe: The World Federation of Pediatric Imaging Experience.

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2019 Jul 03

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<p>In 2011, the World Federation of Pediatric Imaging (WFPI), a nonpolitical, nondenominational organization operating for nonprofit, educational, scientific, research, and utreach purposes, was launched by the world’s regional pediatric imaging societies. As part of its mission statement, WFPI must help address challenges in the global delivery of pediatric imaging services, including a global shortage of pediatric radiologists. One mechanism to address such challenges is through the provision of teleradiology for low-resources institutions. Teleradiology, in this setting, offers a number of benefits including improved access to specialists and reduced traveling time and costs. Previous research has found that teleradiology services to access specialist advice in lower resource settings, where there is no alternative way of obtaining such expertise, may be useful in providing reassurance for the referrer or patient, in changing the management of the patient, and in clarifying the diagnosis. However, there are obstacles related to the use of teleradiology including difficulty of online access and navigation for users in low-resources setting, timeliness of the interpretations, legal implications of teleradiology readings, and concerns about staffing and overall sustainability because this type of outsourcing might limit the development of local expertise. Despite these challenges, WFPI believes in the value of teleradiology, and after a successful pilot project in South Africa between 2012 and 2013 and the trial of different software interfaces in 2013, a formal web-based platform for consultation and second opinion rendition of pediatric imaging studies was implemented in 2014. This case study describes the adoption and utilization of the teleradiology portal.</p>



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J Am Coll Radiol




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