Pediatric continuity care intensivist: A randomized controlled trial.

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2018 Nov 20

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<p><strong>INTRODUCTION: </strong>Long-stay critically ill patients in the Pediatric Intensive Care Unit (PICU) may be at risk for inconsistencies in treatment plan, delay in plan progression, and patient/family dissatisfaction with communication. This article describes the development and evaluation of an intervention designed to improve continuity and communication delivered by continuity PICU attendings.</p>

<p><strong>METHODS AND ANALYSIS: </strong>A randomized controlled trial of an intervention in one PICU that was randomized at the patient level. Eligible patients and their parents included those admitted to the PICU for longer than one week and were anticipated to remain for an additional 7 days. The intervention, a Continuity Care Intensivist (CCI), included early assignment of a continuity attending (separate from a regularly scheduled service attending), standardization of the continuity role to ensure consistent team and family contact and facilitate timely decision making, and enhancement of CCI communication skills. The outcomes evaluated were 1) patient PICU length of stay, ventilator-dependent days, and hospital acquired infections, 2) parental mood and satisfaction with PICU communication, and 3) intensivist perception of acceptability of intervention. Intention to treat analysis will be completed using multivariable linear regression to determine the impact of the intervention on outcomes. Lessons have been learned about the appropriate enrollment criteria for patients to allow for impact of continuity attending, frequent prognostic uncertainty in determining which patients will become longer stay in the PICU, and the difficulty of achieving timely initial contact of continuity attending with patients given the CCI's other commitments.</p>



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Contemp Clin Trials




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