Multicenter Analysis of Cardiometabolic-Related Diagnoses in Transgender and Gender Diverse Youth: a PEDSnet study.

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CONTEXT: Studies on cardiometabolic health in transgender and gender diverse youth (TGDY) are limited to small cohorts.

OBJECTIVE: To determine the odds of cardiometabolic-related diagnoses in TGDY compared to matched controls in a cross-sectional analysis, using a large, multisite database (PEDSnet).

DESIGN: Electronic health record data (2009-2019) were used to determine odds of cardiometabolic-related outcomes based on diagnosis, anthropometric and laboratory data using logistic regression among TGDY youth vs. controls. The association of gender affirming hormone therapy (GAHT) with these outcomes was examined separately among TGDY.

SETTING: Six PEDSnet sites.

PATIENTS OR OTHER PARTICIPANTS: TGDY (n=4,172) were extracted from PEDSnet and propensity-score matched on 8 variables to controls (n=16,648).


MAIN OUTCOME MEASURE(S): Odds of having cardiometabolic-related diagnoses among TGDY compared to matched controls, and among TGDY prescribed GAHT compared to those not prescribed GAHT.

RESULTS: In adjusted analyses, TGDY had higher odds of overweight/obesity (1.2 [95% confidence interval 1.1-1.3]) than controls. TGDY with a testosterone prescription alone or in combination with a gonadotropin releasing hormone agonist (GnRHa) had higher odds of dyslipidemia (1.7 [1.3-2.3], 3.7 [2.1-6.7], respectively) and liver dysfunction (1.5 [1.1-1.9], 2.5 [1.4-4.3]) than TGDY not prescribed GAHT. TGDY with a testosterone prescription alone had higher odds of overweight/obesity (1.8 [1.5-2.1]) and hypertension (1.6 [1.2-2.2]) than those not prescribed testosterone. Estradiol and GnRHa alone were not associated with greater odds of cardiometabolic-related diagnoses.

CONCLUSIONS: TGDY have increased odds of overweight/obesity compared to matched controls. Screening and tailored weight management, sensitive to the needs of TGDY, are needed.



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J Clin Endocrinol Metab