Impact of school-entry vaccination requirement changes on clinical practice implementation and adolescent vaccination rates in metropolitan Philadelphia.

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2020 Jan 24

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<p>In 2017, Pennsylvania amended school-entry vaccination requirements including reduction of the provisional period from eight months to the first five days of school and requirement of meningococcal-conjugate vaccine (MCV4) for students entering 12th grade. This cross-sectional study evaluates the impact of these new requirements on clinical practice and vaccination rates among requirement-eligible adolescents within a large pediatric network in metropolitan Philadelphia. We surveyed providers from 24 pediatric primary care facilities across five Southeastern Pennsylvania counties to assess strategies for timely vaccination of children, facilitators and barriers to implementation of these strategies, and attitudes toward the new school vaccine requirements. Vaccination rates post-five-day grace period among eligible 12-18-year-old adolescents were calculated using aggregate electronic health record data and compared pre- and post-policy implementation (2016 vs. 2017) using two-sample tests of proportion. Overall, providers were supportive of the new vaccination requirements and reported that their facilities were equipped to accommodate the increased demand for vaccination visits prior to the beginning of the school year. There were modest increases in Tdap and MCV4 vaccination rates among 12-13-year-old adolescents by mid-September and a significant increase for MCV4 among 17-18-year-old adolescents ( &gt; .001) in all regions. There were also statistically significant increases ( &gt; .001) in MenB and HPV vaccination rates in this older age group. Our results suggest that these amended school-entry vaccination requirements may help improve timely vaccination rates for both required and non-required vaccines, increasing protection among students at the beginning of the school year.</p>



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Hum Vaccin Immunother




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