Image quality and radiation dose of ECG-triggered High-Pitch Dual-Source cardiac computed tomography angiography in children for the evaluation of central vascular stents.

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2019 Jan 25

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<p>Assess image quality and radiation dose of ECG-triggered High-Pitch Dual-Source CTA for the evaluation central vascular stents in children. We included all children ≤ 21&nbsp;years old with one or more central vascular stents and available prospective ECG-triggered High-Pitch Dual-Source CTA performed at our institution between January 2015 and August 2017. Demographic and scanner information was retrieved. Two board-certified pediatric radiologists blinded to the clinical data, independently reviewed and scored each case using a four-point quality score. Scores 1, 2 and 3 were considered of diagnostic image quality. Inter-observer agreement and non-parametric test were used. 18 patients (10 girls, 8 boys) with a mean age of 9.47 ± 7.38&nbsp;years (mean ± SD) met inclusion criteria. Thirty-two central vascular stents were evaluated. Mean quality score was 2.07 ± 0.94 with 12.5% (4/32) of the cases classified as unevaluable. Interobserver agreement was excellent (k = 0.86). There is no significant difference between quality score and stent location (p = 0.07). There is a significant difference with stent material as all non-diagnostic scores were only seen in covered stents made of platinum-iridium (p &lt; 0.001). There was no association between image quality and age, height, weight, BSA, heart rate, radiation dose or stent lumen size (p &gt; 0.05). ECG-triggered high-pitch spiral DS-CTA offers appropriate image quality for assessment of central vascular stents in children.</p>



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Int J Cardiovasc Imaging




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