Association of Demographic and Cancer-Specific Factors on Health Behavior Recommendations Specific to Cancer Prevention and Control Among Adolescent and Young Adult Survivors of Childhood Cancer.

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2020 Nov 18

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<p>Adolescent and young adult survivors of childhood cancer (AYA) are at risk for long-term health problems that are exacerbated by not meeting health behavior recommendations (e.g., exercise). To identify AYA at risk for not meeting health behavior recommendations, we explored demographic (e.g., age) and cancer-specific (e.g., intensity of treatment) factors associated with not meeting specific health behavior recommendations that have implications for cancer prevention and control. Regression (linear/binary) was used to examine demographic and cancer-specific associates regarding fruit/vegetable intake, binge drinking, sleep duration, sunscreen use, tobacco use, and physical activity among 307 AYA (M = 20.33, range = 15-34) across three combined studies, treated at a pediatric cancer center. Health behavior measures were adapted from The Health Behaviors Survey and the Youth Risk Behavior Surveillance System questionnaire. AYA in general did not meet health behavior recommendations. Compared with AYA with public insurance, AYA with private insurance ( = -0.19,  &lt; 0.01) were more likely to meet multiple health behavior recommendations. AYA at greatest risk for not meeting specific health behaviors were more likely to be diagnosed in middle childhood (11.35) compared with early childhood (8.38), be closer to diagnosis (8.77 vs. 11.76) and closer to treatment completion (6.97 vs. 9.91), and have a solid tumor (32.7%) compared with a brain tumor (10.6%). Not meeting health behavior recommendations is common among AYA survivors of childhood cancer. Early education in the context of survivorship care is critical to provide teachable moments to AYA; such interventions might impact future long-term health and reduce risk for secondary cancers.</p>



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J Adolesc Young Adult Oncol




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