Megan Minucci

Megan Minucci is a Clinical Research Coordinator at Clinical Futures at CHOP. She is presently within the infectious diseases division, working on several research studies. Ms. Minucci is launching the MAIDEN study, which aims to identify the relationship between cyclosporine A, tacrolimus, and sirolimus concentrations in venous blood (gold-standard) and capillary whole blood obtained by microsampling. She coordinates the biorepository for PROSpect, a multicenter randomized controlled trial comparing the effects of different positioning and ventilation on children with high moderate-severe PARDS. Lastly, Megan assists with PARADIGM and AMPLE. PARADIGM aims to identify different immunophenotypes, specifically immunoparalysis, and compare their outcomes in pediatric patients with MODS. AMPLE is a pharmacokinetics study focusing on the effects of MODS and immunoparalysis on antibiotic concentrations in patients and assessing the feasibility of precision dosing in these populations.

Previously, Ms. Minucci worked on various projects as a Research Technician at the Center of Clinical Pharmacology at CHOP. Before moving to academic research at CHOP, she worked in industry as a Chemistry Technician performing various compositional analyses on metals. She also has a background in quality assurance and worked. Megan received her bachelor’s degree in Biomedical Science with a concentration in psychology from the Rochester Institute of Technology. Her education and career path have given her a unique perspective, and she’s always searching for innovative ways to conduct research, improve processes, and uphold CHOP values.

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Clinical Research Coordinator


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