Patient Medication Safety Research
Patient Medication Safety Research

Medication Safety Research - CPCETowards a goal of improving safe patient medication decision-making in pediatric primary care settings, CPCE at CHOP and other collaborating researchers have assembled electronic health record data on more than 1.2 million children from health systems across the US to study patient medication safety and effectiveness. This collaboration has developed novel methods to use electronic health records to look at prescribing practices in pediatric primary care settings and identify disparities and their impact on health and development of young patients.

This team has used this database to conduct both observational comparative effectiveness and prospective observational studies. Results to date have documented:

  • low rates of identification and treatment of pediatric hypertension
  • high levels of variability in psychotropic medication use across practices
  • changing patterns in the use of these medications with labeling and guideline changes

This  line of research has also developed new methods for aggregating, cleaning and analyzing large secondary-use datasets derived from EHRs. In a recent publication, CPCE researchers validated methods for imputing race and ethnicity information to facilitate health disparities research.

Read more about how this network is leveraging EHR to improve care.

Funding: National Institute of Health, Federal Maternal and Child Health Bureau

What's Next: The research team is currently investigating primary care drug therapeutics using comparative effectiveness methods in a pediatric electronic health record network.

Please contact Alexander Fiks, MD, MSCE, CPCE associate director, associate medical director of the Pediatric Research Consortium, and an Urban Care pediatrician at CHOP for more information about this line of research.

Patient Medication Safety Published Research

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