Healthcare Quality and Process Improvement
Healthcare Quality and Process Improvement

Healthcare Quality and Process Improvement | CPCE

Healthcare quality and process improvement research at CPCE aims to increase pediatric clinical effectiveness at The Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia and beyond. It is a unique field of scientific inquiry that requires multidisciplinary collaboration among experts trained in medicine, behavioral sciences, epidemiology, economics, and business processes.

Healthcare is profoundly human and personal, but it is important to view it as an industry so that its processes can be evaluated and improved. The Institute of Medicine has argued that the quality of health care in the United States falls short of biomedical knowledge and that this gap in quality is primarily a failure of organization, rather than of individual physicians. Thus, in addition to CPCE research on improving evidence-based medicine, we also work to develop better evidence-based management and organization that supports delivery of healthcare services.

Much of this research heavily leverages Health Information Technology (HIT) tools to improve and standardize the secure use and sharing of HIT and electronic health records (EHR) in pediatric medicine to improve clinical effectiveness.

As health systems move away from fee-for-service models to high-value-care models, data-driven decisions are required to improve “quality care” in the US. For this, the Institute of Medicine recommends research is needed around these quality care core components:

  • patient safety
  • treatment effectiveness
  • efficiency
  • timeliness
  • equity
  • patient-centered care

Areas of Research on Healthcare Quality and Process Improvement


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