Community Health
Community Health

Vaccines are part of preventive healthcare research

Preventive healthcare research at CPCE works to promote community health, both locally and globally. We are committed to making an impact on community health by addressing factors that may impact disease risk and access to health services. Preventive healthcare research at CPCE focuses on developing interventions to help families with young children prepare healthy meals, creating evidence-based programs to ensure children in immigrant families have access to preventive healthcare, improving the care and treatment of children and adolescents infected with HIV in resource-limited settings, evaluating vaccine policies, and studying the factors affecting the epidemiology of infectious diseases. 

We are also investigating what drives health-related behaviors to help develop new community health recommendations to ensure effective policy implementation. Through collaboration with the Philadelphia Department of Health, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), Policy Lab at CHOP, and other organizations, our preventive healthcare research is being used to improve medical care to pediatric populations here in the US and in sub-Saharan Africa and the Dominican Republic. We are addressing the gaps in treatment and care for certain underserved communities to prevent the spread of infectious diseases and to promote overall health.

Areas of Research on Community Health


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