Mental Health in Hospitalized Children
Mental Health in Hospitalized Children

Mental Health in Hospitalized Children

Mental health is an important component of overall health in childhood and adolescence. Physical illness requiring hospitalization can cause psychological stress, which, in turn, influences physical health. Mental health research at CPCE focuses on understanding how mental health conditions and mental health symptoms influence hospital outcomes, and what interventions can ensure best-possible hospital outcomes for all children regardless of mental health status. 

The goal of our research is to understand how to support mental health in hospitalized children is order to improve both physical and mental health outcomes for children who require acute hospitalization. 

Through this work we aim to:

•    Understand drivers of hospital outcomes for children with mental health conditions

•    Identify targets for interventions to support mental health in hospitalized children

•    Determine best practices for mental health care delivery and coordination in children who have both physical and mental health needs

We are using a range of methods, including cross-sectional and longitudinal studies of large administrative datasets, prospective, cross-sectional point prevalence study, and systematic literature review. 

What’s Next in Mental Health in Hospitalized Children Research

CPCE researchers have the following active research projects underway:

IHOPeAsthma -- A prospective, longitudinal observational study to understand whether coping, self-efficacy in disease management, or care coordination mediate differences in hospital outcomes for adolescents hospitalized for asthma exacerbation

Coping Support for Parents of Hospitalized Children -- A systematic review of the studies of coping support interventions for parents of hospitalized children.

Hospital Readmission Risk in Children with Mental Health Conditions -- A retrospective, longitudinal cohort study of hospital readmission risk in children with a primary medical or surgical indication for hospital admission and a comorbid mental health condition.

Funding:  The Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia Center for Pediatric Health Disparities Pilot Grant, The Academic Pediatric Association Young Investigator Award, The Arnold P. Gold Foundation

Please contact Stephanie Doupnik, MD, MSHP, Instructor in Pediatrics and co-director of the inpatient Medical Behavioral Unit at CHOP for more information about this line of research. 

Mental Health in Hospitalized Children Published Research

Doupnik SK, Mitra N, Feudtner C, Marcus SC. The Influence of Comorbid Mood and Anxiety Disorders on Outcomes of Pediatric Patients Hospitalized for Pneumonia. Hospital Pediatrics. 2016;6(3):135-142. doi:10.1542/hpeds.2015-0177.


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