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The West Philadelphia asthma care implementation study (NHLBI# U01HL138687).

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2021 Dec

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<p>Asthma is the most common chronic condition among children, with low-income families living in urban areas experiencing significantly higher rates. Evidence based interventions for asthma are routinely implemented in either the home, school, or primary care setting. However, even when caregivers of poor children are engaged in asthma interventions in one setting, they often have to navigate challenges in another setting, such as an under-resourced home, non-supportive school, or disengaged health care provider. The West Philadelphia Asthma Care Implementation Plan aims to compare the effectiveness of a primary care-based intervention, school-based intervention, and combined primary care and school intervention to usual care for improving asthma control in school-age children to explore if the synergistic effect of Community Health Worker (CHW) support in the home, school, and health care environments will result in improved asthma control. Children ages 5-13 with uncontrolled asthma from four West Philadelphia recruitment sites will be eligible for enrollment. The families of school age children interested in participating will be randomized to receive a primary care CHW or usual care. Those identified as attending a participating school will have a CHW-led school intervention or usual care in school. If proven effective, this care coordination program will assist caregivers in assessing resources, improving self-management skills, and ultimately reducing asthma-related ED visits and hospitalizations as well as provide additional information for healthcare systems and policy makers to inform their decisions about how and where to focus additional resources and investments in childhood asthma care to improve health outcomes.</p>



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Contemp Clin Trials Commun




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