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A Comparison of Bidirectional Glenn vs. Hemi-Fontan Procedure: An Analysis of the Single Ventricle Reconstruction Trial Public Use Dataset.

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2020 May 29

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<p>Patients with single ventricle (SV) heart defects have two primary surgical options for superior cavopulmonary connection (SCPC): bidirectional Glenn (BDG) and hemi-Fontan (HF). Outcomes based on type of SCPC have not been assessed in a multi-center cohort. This retrospective cohort study uses the Single Ventricle Reconstruction (SVR) Trial public use dataset. Infants who survived to SCPC were evaluated through 1&nbsp;year of age, based on type of SCPC. The primary outcome was transplant-free survival at 1&nbsp;year. The cohort included 343 patients undergoing SCPC across 15 centers in North America; 250 (73%) underwent the BDG. There was no difference between the groups in pre-SCPC clinical characteristics. Cardiopulmonary bypass times were longer [99&nbsp;min (IQR 76, 126) vs 81&nbsp;min (IQR 59, 116), p &lt; 0.001] and use of deep hypothermic circulatory arrest (DHCA) more prevalent (51% vs 19%, p &lt; 0.001) with HF. Patients who underwent HF had a higher likelihood of experiencing more than one post-operative complication (54% vs 41%, p = 0.05). There were no other differences including the rate of post-operative interventional cardiac catheterizations, length of stay, or survival at discharge, and there was no difference in transplant-free survival out to 1&nbsp;year of age. Mortality after SCPC is low and there is no difference in mortality at 1&nbsp;year of age based on type of SCPC. Differences in support time and post-operative complications support the preferential use of the BDG, but additional longitudinal follow-up is necessary to understand whether these differences have implications for long-term outcomes.</p>



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Pediatr Cardiol




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