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Comparison of outcomes of pulmonary valve replacement in adult versus paediatric hospitals: institutional influence†.

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2019 Apr 08

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OBJECTIVES: Controversy exists in ascertaining the ideal location for adults with congenital heart disease requiring surgical intervention. In this study, we sought to compare the perioperative management between our paediatric and adult hospitals and to determine how clinical factors and the location affect the length of stay after pulmonary valve replacement.

METHODS: A retrospective analysis of patients, ≥18 years of age, undergoing pulmonary valve replacement was conducted at our paediatric and adult hospitals between 1 January 2000 and 30 October 2014. Patients with previous Ross or concomitant left heart procedures were excluded. Descriptive statistics were used to assess demographics and clinical characteristics. Inverse probability weight-adjusted models were used to determine differences in the number of surgical complications, duration of mechanical ventilation and postoperative length of stay between paediatric and adult hospitals. Additional models were calculated to identify factors associated with prolonged length of stay.

RESULTS: There were altogether 98 patients in the adult (48 patients) and paediatric (50 patients) hospitals. Patients in the adult hospital were older with more comorbidities (arrhythmia, hypertension, depression and a history of cardiac arrest, all P < 0.05). Those at the paediatric hospital had better preoperative right ventricular function and less tricuspid regurgitation. The cardiopulmonary bypass time, the length of intubation and the length of stay were higher at the adult hospital, despite no difference in the number of complications between locations. Factors contributing to the increased length of stay include patient characteristics and postoperative management strategies. There were no deaths.

CONCLUSIONS: Pulmonary valve replacement may be performed safely with no deaths and with a comparable complication rate at both hospitals. Patients undergoing surgery at the adult hospital have longer intubation times and length of stay. Opportunities exist to streamline management strategies.



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Eur J Cardiothorac Surg




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